Vets Team STGP


RAF FA Veterans

Over 35s who are or have served in the Royal Air Force.

The primary objective of the Royal Air Force Football Association Veterans Team is to provide opportunities to engage in the sport of Association Football, developing team spirit and morale and to encourage and maintain physical fitness to personnel over the age of 35 age, whether currently serving or who have previously served in the Royal Air Force.

The RAF FA Veterans are not active in a weekly league competition, however, the Club plays regularly, on a monthly basis, against other Services and against professional academies. 

The Club has over 65 active members and plays over 12 fixtures a season including an annual overseas visit which over recent seasons has included the Germany and Cyprus, with ambitions to spread their wings further in the future.

Find more information on the RAF FA Veterans site:

ST Georges Park

Veterans Committee


 Sir Christopher Coville       President 
 Geoff Hancocks  Ambassador (VMT) 
 Matt Beattie  Team Manager (VMT)
 Rudy Pierre  Asst Team Manager
 David Salkeld  Coach (VMT)
 Craig Gill  Coach (VMT)
 Martin Wilkinson  Coach (VMT)
 Ron Milam  GK Coach
 Sponsorship Co-ord
 Gus Payne  Head Therapist 
 Jim Sheehan  Head of Coms 
 Steve Pugh  General Admin Manager 
 Mick Clarke  Team Secretary 
 Gerard O'Sullivan  Tresasurer
 Match Liaison Officer 
 Tony Reeves  Fund Raising Officer  
 Scott Taylor  Club Captain