Pitch and ball - halfway line


The following are testimonials from individuals who have attended RAF FA courses:

Level 2 (Block 1) - Sept 2017 RAF Halton

"Very well thought out and progressive structure. Gives a new approach to the way people coach".
Cpl Alcock

"I feel as a coach this L2 B1 course has taken off my blinkers and has given me the potential to now make a difference to my team".
SAC Stevenson

"Another excellent course. There was a clear progression to look at football and coaching in greater depth. The tutors set a perfect atmosphere that encouraged all to openly discuss views, and at the same time challenged views. Practical coaching sessions were equally effective".
Sqn Ldr Naz Cullen

"Vital information from a coaching point of view. Makes you think from a different perspective, outside the box,always challenging yourself in different aspects".
SAC Carpenter 

Level 2 (Block 3) - June 2017 RAF Brize Norton

"Great progression from level 1, better equipped to bring on the team I coach, particularly with technical information. Excellent three days from tutor Martin Wilkinson".
Sqn Ldr Earl

"The course is outstanding. The progression from block 1 to block 3 is logical and I feel I am developing as a coach. Both tutors, Martin Wilkinson and Mark Haining have been top draw".
Flt Lt Scott Hyndman

"Really engaging and enjoyable, got masses out of the sessions and out of the guys on the course. Really good forum".
CT Bull

Level 1 - May 2017 RAF Brize Norton

"Enjoyable & inspirational course which has changed my out dated thinking on how to coach football to the next generation of players".
Flt Lt R. Haigh

"Very useful course not only for football but for installing skills that are extremely useful for real life".
SAC Robert Brown

"Fantastic course which took me by surprise in a positive sense. A real eye opener to the coaching journey and I now look forward to continuing my journey".
A/Sgt Chris Iddon

"An excellent course that delivers both mentally and physically. Tutors and knowledgeable and powerful sessions on and off the pitch were hugely advantageous. One of the most beneficial courses I have completed".
Sgt Davies

"This is a fantastic course and completely different to what I was expecting. It has reinforced my opinions on child development but also challenged some of my long held misconceptions. I can take every aspect of this course and engage with both children and parents to improve their football enjoyment".
Sgt Bryan Rundle

"This course met and surpassed my expectations. It is the best and most well structured course that I have attended".
Cpl Pete Smith

Level 2 (Block 1) - Jan 2017 RAF Halton

"Great course, excellent instruction throughout. Recommended for any coach, benefits not only your football coaching but also your coaching style".
Flight Sergeant Phil Thompson

"I feel the way we are given the freedom to coach is brilliant and allows each of the coaches to leave knowing what they could do to improve".  
SAC Gardner
"Fantastic course. Completely opened my eyes to additional considerations when coaching".
Sgt Craig Moorhouse

"Having previously done the old level 2 this course is far superior in respect to the thinking approach to coaching and the tools we were given. It feels like I have learnt something and not just ticked the boxes".
Cpl Routledge

"The new level  course is excellent. It is highly engaging and allows you (as the coach) to experiment to refine your own style and approach".
Flt Lt Scott Hyndman

"Brilliant course, the instructor was excellent creating a risk free learning environment that allowed for open discussion and creative sessions. Everyone was able to try things without the fear of failure".
Flt Lt Pippard