RAF Cup Final 2017

RAF Challenge Cup

RAF Challenge Cup 2022-23

The Keith Christie Trophy (sponsored by SecureCloud+)


Prelim Round - Wed 12 Oct 22


RAF Cranwell 1-4 RAF Waddington
RAF Valley 1-7 RAF Boulmer (Wed 16 Nov 22 at Bangor City FC)
RAF Digby receive a bye

Prelim Round - Wed 19 Oct 22


RAF Honington v RAF High Wycombe (RAF High Wycombe removed from competition)
RAF Wyton 2-4 RAF Odiham
RAF Halton 0-7 RAF Benson
RAF Brize Norton v RAF Swanwick (RAF Swanwick removed from competition)


1st Round - Wed 23 Nov 22 

RAF Digby 6-2 RAF Shawbury
RAF Northolt 2-1 RAF Akrotiri 
RAF Boulmer 2-0 RAF Waddington (Wed 30 Nov 22)
RAF Odiham 1-0 RAF Wittering (at North Wanborough FC)
RAF Lossiemouth 5-2 RAF Marham (Tue 24 Jan 23)
RAF Brize Norton 7-0 RAF Honington
RAF Benson 3-2 RAF Leeming
RAF Coningsby 3-4 RAF Cosford 


Quarter Finals - Wed 1 Feb 23

RAF Brize Norton 2-3 RAF Benson
RAF Digby 3-3 RAF Odiham, AET (RAF Digby win 9-8 on penalties) 
RAF Lossiemouth 2-4 RAF Boulmer
RAF Cosford 2-0 RAF Northolt, AET  

Semi-Finals - Wed 5 April 23


RAF Cosford 4-3 RAF Benson (at Racing Club Warwick FC)

RAF Digby 1-4 RAF Boulmer (at Beadle AFC)


RAF Odiham* 2-0 RAF High Wycombe (at RAF Henlow)

RAF Wyton 6-0 RAF Halton (at RAF Henlow)

* (RAF Cranwell withdrew from competition and were replaced by RAF Odiham via a draw)

Finals - Thurs 11 May 23 (at Oxford City FC)



RAF Cosford 0-1 RAF Boulmer 


RAF Odiham 3-0 RAF Wyton 





Previous Winners

1920-21 Cranwell
1921-22 Henlow
1922-23 Cranwell
1923-24 Manston
1924-25 Cranwell
1925-26 Flowerdown
1926-27 Martlesham Heath
1927-28 Eastchurch 
1928-29 Henlow
1929-30 Henlow
1930-31 Martlesham Heath
1931-32 Boscombe Down
1932-33 Martlesham Heath
1933-34 Henlow
1934-35 Upper Heyford
1935-36 Leuchars
1936-37 Cranwell
1937-38 Manston
1938-39 Shawbury
1948-49 Halton
1949-50 Halton
1950-51 Cosford 
1951-52 St Mawgan
1952-53 Cosford
1953-54 Innsworth
1954-55 Kinloss
1955-56 Melksham
1956-57 Innsworth 
1957-58 Kirkham 
1958-59 High Wycombe
1959-60 Melksham
1960-61 Yatesbury
1961-62 Cranwell
1962-63 Yatesbury
1963-64 Ballykelly
1964-65 Finningley
1965-66 Benson
1966-67 Finningley
1967-68 Scampton
1968-69 Waddington 
1969-70 Scampton
1970-71 Marham
1971-72 Thorney Island 
1972-73 Kinloss
1973-74 Lyneham
1974-75 Lyneham
1975-76 Henlow
1976-77 Lyneham
1977-78 Brize Norton 
1978-79 Wattisham
1979-80 Brize Norton
1980-81 Marham
1981-82 Brize Norton
1982-83 Wyton
1983-84 Wyton 
1984-85 Abingdon
1985-86 Brize Norton
1986-87 Kinloss
1987-88 Locking
1988-89 Wyton
1989-90 Brize Norton 
1990-91 St Athan
1991-92 Lyneham
1992-93 Coningsby
1993-94 Kinloss
1994-95 Waddington
1995-96 Coltishall
1996-97 Bruggen
1997-98 Leeming
1998-99 Bruggen 
1999-00 Boulmer
2000-01 Leeming
2001-02 Leeming 
2002-03 Marham
2003-04 Lyneham
2004-05 Lyneham 
2005-06 Leeming
2006-07 Coningsby
2007-08 Wittering
2008-09 Cosford
2009-10 Cosford
2010-11 Wittering
2011-12 Cosford
2012-13 Coningsby
2013-14 Benson
2014-15 Waddington
2015-16 Marham
2016-17 Honington
2017-18 Coningsby
2018-19 Brize Norton
2019-20 Odiham
2020-21 Honington
2021-22 Cosford
2022-23 Boulmer








The Keith Christie Trophy was named in honour of one of RAF FA Football’s greatest coaches. 

The trophy that is presented to the winners of the RAF Cup was renamed in 2016.  

During his career, Warrant Officer Keith Christie gave outstanding service of the highest order to the Royal Air Force over which time he has unswervingly committed 30 years to Royal Air Force Sport; his main focus being the delivery of Service Football.  His exemplary service was characterised by the outstanding example of leadership he consistently displayed during his involvement with the Royal Air Force Football Association.  Keith worked tirelessly at all levels of RAF Football, commencing in the 1970s, with Station Football moving onto the RAF Representative Development Squad and finally the full RAF Senior Team in 2006.  He selflessly devoted his own time to the development of young airman through the medium of team sport and his determination to provide them with the highest level of coaching and instruction; this indelibly marked him as an exceptionally dedicated and effective leader who led by personal example.  

Where Keith brought transformational change was in his role as the Senior Representative Men’s Team Manager, where he produced an unprecedented level of success.  This was all the more impressive as the first non-commissioned Team Manager.  During his time with RAF Football he always committed elongated hours of his own time to ensure the guidance and direction given to players and coaches under his charge is second to none.  The care, patience, skill and the long hours he put into his work made him an outstanding example to all.  By sheer force of character, energy and devotion to his role he achieved exceptional results and that has truly been to the benefit of others and his Service as a whole.  

He personally developed an entire generation of players and coaches within his service and altruistically dedicated his energy for the sole benefit of RAF sport.  This has seen him involved at all levels of Service football from Stn, Group, Command as well as full Representative and Combined Service.  Keith was and still is an individual who is highly respected as well as being popular and widely admired.  His level of self-sacrifice was far in excess of the normal requirements of military duty and, as a man of genuine modesty; he never saw his efforts as anything special.   However, the fact that his self-sacrifice towards the development and benefit of others motivated many other officers and airman to follow his fine example and actively involve themselves in RAF Football, is a testament to his outstanding ability and commitment to serve others.  Sadly, Keith passed away in 2015.