RAF Veterans Football Team - Volunteer Recruitment

Sam Wheeler
The RAF Veterans Football Team are recruiting for a volunteer Webmaster.

Webmaster – RAF FA Veterans Football Team   

A webmaster is required for the RAF FA Veterans Football Team. In this role, you will be responsible for making sites easy to use, attractive and secure. You will need close attention to detail and be an excellent communicator. Balancing a creative eye with an analytical mind is also essential.  If you also have a strong technical background, that would be of great assistance.  

Main Responsibilities 

  • Ultimately, you will ensure the functionality and efficiency of the website. 
  • Build functional and easy-to-use website. 
  • Test website. 
  • Operate systems and devices. 
  • Maintain, configure and troubleshoot any problems. 
  • Work with for any technical support. 
  • Update website content and review with the RAF FA Vets Comms team. 
  • Monitor, analyse and update the site. 
  • Work closely with the RAF FA Vets Comms team. 


Application process 

Please send an e-mail to providing the appropriate detail and why you would be suited to this role.


Deadline for applications is Mon 1 Nov 21.