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RAF Football continues to be extremely strong across a broad portfolio of activity. Of note, it remains the largest participation sport in the Service, with thousands of personnel playing, officiating or coaching the sport every week. It has also acted as a key vehicle for community engagement and recruitment, through activities such as charity events, the coaching of youth football and visits to professional clubs. Finally, the various RAF representative teams continue to demonstrate levels of excellent on the pitch as they endeavour to return to winning ways. 
To enable this level of activity, the RAF FA requires significant assistance. This support comes in many forms; from the army of behind the scenes committee members and backroom helpers, through to pitch side supporters and, crucially, financial assistance. The provision of the latter comes from many sources, with the National Football Association and the RAF Sports Board both providing the mainstay of support to RAF Football. However, to enable the Board of Trustees to develop the RAF FA along the pillars of Excellence, Participation and Community, additional financial support is required. This is where the RAF FA’s commercial and charitable supporters are vital.
The RAF FA is extremely fortunate in that the 16/17 season is again one of its most health years in recent history in terms of financial support from sponsors. This money makes a significant difference, as it enable a plethora of activity to be conducted, which would be unachievable without this support. The organisations that provided this support, and the areas of the Association with which they are affiliated are as follows:
Cool Water Direct.  As the longest serving sponsor of RAF Football, Cool Water Direct provide generous support in the form of a car for the RAF FA HQ.
Thales UK. A sponsor of RAF Football since 2014, Thales UK support the RAF U23s Men’s Development Squad.
RAF Benevolent Fund.  Another major supporter of RAF Football, the RAF Benevolent Fund sponsor the RAF Festival of Football and is the secondary sponsor of the Senior Representative Team. 
The RAF Association.  The RAF Football Association’s Primary Sponsor, RAFA specifically focus their support towards the Ladies Representative Team and the Referees 
ISS.  In their fourth year as a Sponsor of RAF Football, ISS are the main sponsor of the Senior Representative Team. 
Cool Water Direct.  As the longest serving sponsor of RAF Football, Cool Water Direct provide generous support in the form of a car for the RAF FA HQ.
SecureCloud+.  The sponsor of the RAF Cup and Plate competition is SecureCloud+, who have taken an extremely active role in this year’s completion. Of note, in addition to their generous financial contribution, they have also hosted all of the draws in their company offices, putting ‘Chappers’ and the BT Tower to shame. 
In addition to the RAF Cup and Plate, SecureCloud+’s support also extends to the RAF Football Association’s Annual Awards Evening, which this year takes place on 25 May 17. Amongst other things, their kind donation enables the price of tickets for this event to be halved for Junior Ranks, thereby enabling the RAF Football community to celebrate success collectively.

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Yes, we have various options available for sponsors from the Senior Representative Team (Mens), Ladies Representative Team, Mens Development Squad, RAFFA Veterans and Icarus.   

Yes, we have a number of events that could be suitable for single event sponsorship.  With Representative Team tours, Cups, Festival of Football and the Veterans 7-a-side to name a few. 

Yes, match reports, Facebook and Twitter posts, photographs, this webpage and a myriad of other media outlets are used on a regular basis to promote RAF Football.  We can also provide bespoke articles and photographs to support your requirements.

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